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500 Grams Caustic Soda Flakes for Cleaning Membrane
Bar Soap
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Product details of 500 Grams Caustic Soda Flakes for Cleaning Membrane


500 Grams Caustic Soda


Properties and applications the production process fulfils Kosher, Halal, GMO, TSE / BSE requirements used for the production of aluminium in the steell and metallurgical industries paper production refining of crude oil, mineral oils in the petrochemicals industry in the cosmetics industry – production of hard (sodium) soap, detergents, exfoliating masks industrial cleaning component of several plasticisers in the construction industry pH regulation in water treatment processes raw material in the manufacture of pigments and dyes for paints pharmaceuticals industry cleaning and disinfection in animal husbandry and beekeeping preventing diseases and protecting plants in orcharding